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A Real Plan for DC Voting Rights and Home Rule

  • We believe that residents of the District of Columbia should have voting rights in the US Senate and House of Representatives equal to those of all other Americans.
  • We support Maryland-based solutions that provide full voting rights in the House and Senate and real home-rule for the residents of the District of Columbia.
  • Our two-part plan calls for Congress to restore the right of DC residents to vote as part of the Maryland electorate for congressional representation, and to support Washington becoming a new home-rule city in Maryland.

Contact Us

Committee for the Capital City
PO Box 77443
Washington, DC 20013-8443
Testimony - Testimony of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, John Forster, Lawrence Mirel, Ralph Regula, etc.
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Testimony of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, 01/27/2009 4175
Testimony of Ralph Regula, 05/23/2002 3872
Written Testimony of Betty Ann Kane, 5/23/2002 8769
Testimony of John Forster, 05/19/2004 4542
Dana Rohrabacher, Addendum 2 4443
Dana Rohrabacher, Addendum 1 4851
Testimony of Dana Rohrabacher, 6/23/2004 3875
Testimony of John Forster, 06/23/2004 3923
Written Testimony of John Forster, 07/06/2004 3937