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A Real Plan for DC Voting Rights and Home Rule

  • We believe that residents of the District of Columbia should have voting rights in the US Senate and House of Representatives equal to those of all other Americans.
  • We support Maryland-based solutions that provide full voting rights in the House and Senate and real home-rule for the residents of the District of Columbia.
  • Our two-part plan calls for Congress to restore the right of DC residents to vote as part of the Maryland electorate for congressional representation, and to support Washington becoming a new home-rule city in Maryland.

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Committee for the Capital City
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John Forster - Thoughts on D.C. statehood PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor, originally published on the Washington Post on June 23, 2016.

June 23

Timothy Cooper’s proposal to add more elected representatives in the District [“D.C. leaders are thinking small on statehood,” Local Opinions, June 19] was good. But while he advocated for a larger-than-proposed New Columbia state legislature, there is another way for D.C. residents to gain greater representation, as well as the voting rights and home rule equal to these enjoyed by other Americans. The District could be recognized as a home-rule city in Maryland with a status similar to that of Baltimore. Under this reunion-with-Maryland approach, D.C. residents would gain two senators, a representative, a governor, a comptroller, four Maryland state senators and 12 Maryland state delegates. We would retain an elected mayor, city council and state attorney general. This approach is good for Maryland (state expansion), is good for D.C. (full voting rights) and could gain bipartisan congressional support.

John Forster, Washington